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We are located in Northeast Iowa and specialize in high quality saddle mules

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Eeyore is my personal roping mule.  He is 14 years old this year and is a 'first class' heading mule.  I just don't get enough time to rope now and have decided to offer him to you For Sale.

For Sale - $8,500.00

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Click here to contact me about Eeyore or give me a call at 563-419-9161


Here are the 4 mules we hand-picked for Jake Clark's Mule Days Auction in Powell, WY on Father's Day

"Kat in the Hat"

 This is "Kat" in the hat. Kat is a classy - looking mule. She is red sorrel, stands 15 H and is 6 yrs old. She is gentle, easy to catch, clip, and shoe. She is very athletic. She has a nice walk, trot, lopes circles one - handed, side passes, and takes both leads. She has a nice stop and good turn-a-round. We have used Kat for everything at home, checking stock cows, penning cattle, hog hunting, and lots of trail riding. Kat is a super smooth mule. She will cross wooden bridges, steps over logs, crosses water. She would make a great performance mule. Soft in the bridle. A nice all - a - round mule.



This is Molly. She is 7 yrs old and stands 15 H. Molly is a very classy - looking bay mare mule. She is very gentle, easy to catch, clip, and shoe. She has been trail ridden a lot. Very fun to ride. She has been shown in 4H by a young lady. Molly crosses wooden bridges, steps over logs, crosses water, side passes to open gates. She has a very nice walk, trot, lopes circles, very soft in the bridle. She is good around dogs. You can pony mules off of her. She is just a nice all - around mule. Anyone can get along with her. Molly will get you where you want to go and back safe. She will make someone a wonderful trail mule or take her to the mule show and win!



This is Moses.  He is 6 yrs old.  He is black w/ brown points and stands 14.3h.  Moses is not only a handsome mule, he is very gentle, meets you at the gate, loves people.  Moses has been ridden in some of the roughest country in Arizona, in the Big Horn Mountains, Black Hills of South Dakota, Shawnee National Forest and all over the Midwest.   Super friendly. Easy to clip, shoe and load.  Moses has a nice trot, lopes circles, side passes, ride him today or a year from now and he is the same.  He is a total family mule!  Anyone that can sit in the saddle can ride this mule.  He is one broke dude!




This is Sammy.  He's sorrel, 10 yrs old and stands 15h.  Sammy loves people, meets you at the gate.  We have used Sammy for penning cattle, checking stock cows, ponying colts.  Sammy has a lot of hog hunting miles on him, he has carried hogs out, you can lead a pack of hounds off him.  Sammy will go wherever you point him, walks, trots, lopes circles, neck reins, takes both leads, and side passes.  Sammy has lots of trail riding miles.  If you can ride at all you will enjoy trail riding Sammy.  He is broke for anyone to ride.